Tanya Stockdale

  • Tanya Stockdale
    5 Years Experience
  • Tanya Stockdale
    Functional Medicine
  • Tanya Stockdale
    Speciality Nutritional Wellness

Consultation Fee - ฿ 2500.00

Consultation Duration - 30 min

Lived In - Thailand

English (Proficient) , Russian (Native)

Tanya is a board certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and a certified integrative nutrition health and wellness coach, specialising in prevention and reversal of chronic disease dynamics such as adrenal disorders, hormonal and gut imbalances, auto-immune ailments, cardiovascular and cancer. Tanya uses dietary, nutritional and lifestyle adjustments alongside targeted natural supplements to rebalance her clients’ health. In addition, she is also a Kaguy lineage Tibetan Buddhist practitioner. Tanya uses her practical expertise and scientific research in the art of meditation, mind work and brain-heart coherence as additional tools to treat her patients. Tanya designs unique educational workshops, webinars, urban and other retreats in Thailand and Nepal, which enable people to take charge of their own health.



Functional Medicine Practitioner, AFMC (The School of Applied Functional Medicine) and American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP) board certified.

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