Corporate Health Services

At HealthDeliver, we stand at the leading edge of redefining the provision of medical services across a variety of sectors. Our foundation rests on unparalleled professionalism and an in-depth understanding of the unique demands and complexities each sector presents. Acknowledging the distinct risks and operational nuances inherent to different industries, we have carefully tailored our medical services to integrate seamlessly with the operational rhythms of each sector we cater to.

In the dynamic and challenging contexts of the oil and gas sector in the Gulf of Thailand, our expertise is prominently displayed. HealthDeliver offers unmatched top-side support, showcasing our commitment to the health and safety of personnel within this crucial industry. Our comprehensive suite of services includes the strategic deployment of offshore paramedics, equipped to address emergencies and provide immediate medical care in the demanding offshore environment.

Beyond immediate medical response, we lead in the integration of technology with healthcare through our cutting-edge travel and risk AI application. This innovative solution aids in managing medical evacuations, ensuring quick and efficient responses in critical situations, thus safeguarding the well-being of the workforce and minimising downtime.

Our capabilities extend to establishing full-scale medical facilities, designed to cater to the specific requirements of the oil and gas sector. From conducting annual onsite health checks to administering vaccinations, our services are all-encompassing, covering the full spectrum of healthcare needs to ensure a healthy, safe, and productive working environment.

At HealthDeliver, our mission is to provide healthcare solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the industries we serve. Our dedication to excellence, innovation, and adaptability positions us as a leading provider of medical services, committed to the health and safety of workers in the Gulf of Thailand and beyond.

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At HealthDeliver & Crisis24 International Medical Services, we’re committed to safeguarding your workforce and ensuring your peace of mind. Our services stand out by combining international expertise with a local focus. We understand the unique needs of your industry and offer tailored solutions that prioritise prevention, immediate emergency care, and risk reduction. We build trust through transparent, compliant, and data-driven practices, and our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility reflects our values. When you choose HealthDeliver & Crisis24 International Medical Services, you’re choosing a dedicated partner that not only protects health but also secures your success.

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