Dr. Olivia
Dr. Olivia Carelli

  • Dr. Olivia Carelli
    10 Years Experience
  • Dr. Olivia Carelli
    Psychologist Specializing In Women & Teenagers
  • Dr. Olivia Carelli
    (Family-building journey, including those navigating surrogacy, adoption, and fertility treatments)

Consultation Fee - ฿ 13000.00

Consultation Duration -

Lived In - America

English (Native)

Dr. Olivia Carelli is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in women and teenagers. She supports individuals and families on their family-building journey, including those navigating surrogacy, adoption, and fertility treatments. Dr. Carelli holds extensive expertise in conducting psychological evaluations across various concerns. She earned her M.S. and Psy.D. from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a Doctoral focuses on treating patients with complex trauma, dissociation, and eating disorders. Dr. Carelli has contributed articles to APA Division 29, serving fellow practitioners. As a member of PSYPACT, she can provide psychological services virtually across 40 states. Dr. Carelli is dedicated to delivering compassionate, detail-oriented care, placing a strong emphasis on the human aspect in her practice.


Ph.D. American clinical psychologist

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