Charles Wright

  • Charles Wright
    20 Years Experience
  • Charles Wright
  • Charles Wright
    Speciality Fertility Specialist

Consultation Fee - FREE

Consultation Duration - 35 min

Lived In - Singapore Thailand America United Kingdom Hongkong Malaysia Philippines


Charles Wright joined Genea in 2023 to lead the Australian fertility group’s practice in Thailand. Previously, Charles worked with Bumrungrad International Hospital, leading the International Business Development team. Originally from the United States, Charles has been based in multiple countries across South East Asia over the last 17 years.


Managing Director, Genea Thailand

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Home Services – With Online Specialist Consultation
Egg Freezing
฿ 139000.00
Sperm Freezing
฿ 27000.00
IUI Full Package
฿ 33000.00
Premium Couple Checkup
฿ 26785.00
IVF (No Fresh ET) + PGS with Frozen Embryo Transfer
฿ 345500.00
IVF + Fresh Embryo Transfer
฿ 330000.00
Egg warming and embryo creation
฿ 139000.00
Cryo Embryo Transfer
฿ 95000.00