Dr Phattheera
Dr Phattheera Chauvachata (Dr Aye)

  • Dr Phattheera Chauvachata (Dr Aye)
    4 Years Experience
  • Dr Phattheera Chauvachata (Dr Aye)
    General Practitioner

Consultation Fee - ฿ 500.00

Consultation Duration - 15 min

Lived In - Poland United Kingdom

English (Proficient) , Thai (Native)

Dr. Phattheera Chauvachata is a dynamic medical professional, versed in adapting to diverse cultures and environments from a young age. Dr Phattheera boasts a comprehensive international education, culminating in a Doctor of Medicine degree from Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland, and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Human Bioscience from the University of Plymouth, UK. Her medical expertise is accredited with full registration from both the General Medical Council in the UK, and the Thai Medical Council. Dr. Chauvachata's experience spans across prestigious institutions like King’s College Hospital NHS in London, where she honed her skills in Emergency Care, Hepatology, Infectious Diseases, Respiratory and Gerontology Medicine, conducting procedures such as ascitic taps and lumbar punctures. In Thailand, she managed acute conditions and non-communicable diseases at Navamin Hospital, demonstrating her adeptness in triaging and patient education. Equipped with an IELTS Band 8.0 in English, her proficiency in Thai and English complements her medical treatment skills, research background, and exceptional patient rapport. Dr. Chauvachata's resilient and industrious nature, alongside her interpersonal and communication abilities, make her a remarkable asset to any medical team.


Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan, Poland (2015 - 2019). Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Human Bioscience from the University of Plymouth, UK (2012 - 2015). Full Registration with the General Medical Council (GMC), UK, with a License to Practice, Full Registration with the Thai Medical Council, License. Additionally, she has an IELTS score of Band 8.0, demonstrating a high proficiency in the English language.

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