Handy Ong

  • Handy Ong
    10 Years Experience
  • Handy Ong
  • Handy Ong
    Speciality Corrective exercise specialist
  • Handy Ong
    (Specializing in dry needling and trigger point therapy)

Consultation Fee - FREE

Consultation Duration - 30 min

Lived In - Thailand Belgium


Handy Ong, with a BSc in Physiotherapy and an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy, is a dedicated physiotherapist and corrective exercise specialist, specializing in dry needling and trigger point therapy. From a young age, Handy's passion for human physiology and anatomy was ignited through swimming, leading to a career focused on guiding proper movement for longevity and comfort. A firm believer in accountability, Handy emphasizes the importance of guidance in moving better and avoiding common pitfalls like stretching inaccurately or fighting through discomfort. He debunks the myth of quick fixes in health and wellness, advocating for slow, controlled progression for lasting results. At Aspire, Handy appreciates the science-driven approach and the focus on tailored, individualized strategies for achieving clients' goals. With a surprising history as a globetrotter, born in Indonesia, raised in the Netherlands, educated in Belgium, and now calling Thailand home, Handy is committed to making a significant impact in the healthcare industry in Southeast Asia.


• BSc. Physiotherapy • MSc. Sports Physiotherapy • Dry Needling / Trigger Point Therapy • Corrective Exercise Specialist

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