Dr Pimsupa
Dr Pimsupa Puthipiroj (Dr Pim)

  • Dr Pimsupa Puthipiroj (Dr Pim)
    3 Years Experience
  • Dr Pimsupa Puthipiroj (Dr Pim)
    General Practitioner
  • Dr Pimsupa Puthipiroj (Dr Pim)
    Speciality Family Care, Mental Health

Consultation Fee - ฿ 500.00

Consultation Duration - 20 min

Lived In - Singapore New Zealand Poland

English (Proficient) , Thai (Native) , Mandarin (Conversational) , Spanish (Conversational) , Polish (Conversational)

Dr. Pimsupa Puthipiroj, a dedicated General Practitioner, embarked on her medical journey with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Her career began in research, focusing on addiction and drug use at New Zealand's National Health Promotion Agency. Driven by a passion for medicine, she furthered her education at the Medical University of Lublin, Poland. Returning to Thailand, she earned her medical license after an internship at Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital, Bangkok. She spent the majority of her career working at Be well clinic in Huahin under family care settings, taking care of retired foreigners and expats who have relocated to Thailand.  Prior to this, she gained experience as a freelance General Practitioner practicing across various private clinics and hospitals in Bangkok, including Piyavet, Petcharavej, Mission, and Samrong. Dr Pimsupa is unique in her holistic approach to family healthcare, integrating her psychology background with medical practice and collaborating closely with other healthcare workers such as psychotherapists, acupuncturists and physiotherapists. Fluent in English and Thai, she also converses in Polish, Chinese, and Spanish, enhancing her ability to serve a diverse patient base.


Medical Licence in Thailand & Medical Register of the UK • General Practitioner • Bsc Psychology

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Allergies Helicobacter Pylori IgG
฿ 1100.00
Epstein Barr Virus IgG Antibody Test
฿ 1100.00
Varicella Zoster Virus IgG Test
฿ 1120.00
Porphobilinogen (Pbg) Test
฿ 1190.00
Chlamydia IgA Antibodies Test
฿ 1440.00
Adenosine Deaminase Test
฿ 1470.00
Carbamazepine/Tegretol Test
฿ 1470.00
Grass Panel Test
฿ 1470.00
Chlamydia IgG Test
฿ 1520.00
Weed Panel Test
฿ 1570.00
Mold Panel Test
฿ 1690.00
Varicella Zoster Virus IgM Test
฿ 2420.00
CMV PCR Quantitative Test
฿ 2790.00
Wheeze/Rhinitis Comprehensive Panel Adult Test
฿ 4990.00
Nut Panel Test
฿ 8660.00
Eczema Comprehensive Panel
฿ 9390.00
Basic Allergy Pack Silver
฿ 3290.00
Allergy Pack Basic
฿ 1390.00
Men's Dermatological Health Check
฿ 4780.00
Women's Dermatological Health Check
฿ 7390.00
Food & Inhalation Allergy test for Adults
฿ 6090.00
Food & Inhalation Allergy test for Kids
฿ 5490.00
Advanced Food Sensitivity (FIT Test)-DBS 132 Foods
฿ 20223.00
Advanced Food Sensitivity (FIT Test)-DBS 44 Foods
฿ 5778.00
Gut Barrier Test -DBS
฿ 8293.00
IgA 96 Food Sensitivity-DBS
฿ 12840.00
Organic Acids Test - Urine
฿ 15515.00
Environmental Toxic Test
฿ 12840.00
Complete Organic Acids Test
฿ 18725.00
฿ 25145.00
฿ 28335.00
Stool Zonulin Level (Leaky Gut marker)
฿ 13589.00
Mycotoxins Urine Test
฿ 22470.00
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