Dr. Pokpong
Dr. Pokpong Pansrikaew

  • Dr. Pokpong Pansrikaew
    15 Years Experience
  • Dr. Pokpong Pansrikaew
  • Dr. Pokpong Pansrikaew
    Speciality Obstetrician & Gynecology

Consultation Fee - ฿ 2500.00

Consultation Duration - 35 min

Lived In - Thailand


Dr. Pokpong Pansrikaew is a seasoned medical doctor specialising in Gynecology and reproductive medicine, with 16 years of total experience in the field. Dr. Pokpong firmly believes in recognising the uniqueness of each patient, emphasising the importance of communication and meticulous attention to detail in assessing and planning effective treatments. His approach guarantees that each patient receives a personalised care plan, tailored to their specific needs.

Dr. Pokpong’s extensive experience and specialised training in obstetrics, gynaecology, and reproductive medicine make him a valuable asset to the Genea IVF & Genetics Clinic team. His commitment to personalised care and excellence in fertility treatments ensures that patients receive the best possible outcomes on their journey to parenthood.


Doctor of Medicine from Chiang Mai University. Diploma of the Thai Board in Obstetrics and Gynaecology from Chiang Mai University. Diploma in the Thai Sub-board in Reproductive Medicine, which highlights his specialised training and expertise in the field of reproductive health and fertility treatments.

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