Registered Nurse Nanny service 4 hour
Registered Nurse Nanny service 4 hour
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Registered Nurse Nanny service 4 hour

Registered Nurse Nanny service 4 hour

Registered Nurse Nanny service 4 hour
Registered Nurse Nanny service 4 hour

Enhance your parenting journey with our Registered Nurse Nanny Service, providing expert care and peace of mind for your infants or toddlers for up to 4 hours. Ideal for first-time parents seeking professional assistance at home.

Price ฿ 1790.00

8-hour nanny service by a qualified registered nurse. Assistance with formula preparation, feeding, diaper changes, bathing, swaddling, and comforting. Note: Customers are responsible for providing all necessary consumables.

Nursing Care

Our Registered Nurse Nanny Service offers unparalleled support to new parents navigating the early stages of parenthood. Qualified registered nurses, experienced in infant and toddler care, deliver a range of services directly in your home. This includes formula preparation, feeding assistance, diaper changes, bathing, swaddling, and soothing your baby. With a nurse's expertise, not only is everyday care elevated, but you also gain invaluable peace of mind, especially when dealing with sick children. This 8-hour service ensures that one of the most crucial aspects of your child's day-to-day care is managed professionally, with a parent's presence enriching the care experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You will need to prepare any consumables and specifics regarding your child’s care routine.

Schedule the service based on your family's routine. Prepare any consumables and specifics about your child�s care routine. A registered nurse nanny will provide comprehensive care and support for your child for up to 8 hours, with a parent present. Enjoy professional care for your child, ensuring their comfort and your peace of mind.

To modify tests or reschedule your appointment, please contact our customer service at least 24 hours before the scheduled time. We offer flexibility to accommodate your needs and ensure the best care.
We offer various payment options for your convenience, including credit/debit cards, online banking, and mobile payment platforms. Payment is required at the time of booking to confirm your appointment.

No, a medical test does not require a doctor's prescription.

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